Czechs and Slovaks in the Australian army during the Cold War

Illustrative photo
((the Korean War: sculpture at the Korean War memorial in Canberra)

The list includes people born on the territory of former Czechoslovakia who served in the Australian army during the Cold War, namely in two conflicts that Australia joined as an ally of the United States: the Korean War (name of unit preceded by letter "K") and the Vietnam War (also called the Second Indochina War, name of unit preceded by letter "V").

The list has been compiled from data included in the online database of members of the Australian army in the Korean War (Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War) and the Vietnam War (Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans). Some other names that are not included in the databases have been added according to Czech sources (ČELOVSKÝ, Bořivoj: Politici bez moci. První léta exilové Rady osvobozeného Československa. Šenov u Ostravy 2000; KRATOCHVIL, Jan – KRATOCHVILOVÁ Sabina: Můj nový domov Austrálie. Australia my new home. Czech Republic 2006). The Czech transcription of names has been verified through research in Czech archives (particularly the Security Services Archive).

Illustrative photo
(the Vietnam War: sculpture in Brisbane)

The list is being extended, adjusted and edited on an on-going basis. We are constantly trying to find out and include the dates of death of the individual people, and ideally also their photos.

Brief vignettes of selected personae are to be published continuously, complemented with more comprehensive biographical profiles and thematic articles.

As of 1st January 2015, the list includes 27 people in total, 5 participants of the Korean War and 22 participants of the Vietnam War.

Please send us any comments regarding the list, including technical ones (broken links etc.), via the contact form.

Explanation of abbreviations:

The list includes Czechs and Slovaks who served in various units of the Australian army, particularly the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and especially the ground forces of the Australian Army, namely the following units:

  • Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC)
  • Royal Australian Engineers (RAE)
  • Australian Army Catering Corps (AACC)
  • Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery (RRAA)
  • Royal Corps of Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCAEME)
  • Royal Australian Infantry Corps (RAIC)
  • Royal Australian Army Provost Corps (RAAPC)
  • Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RACS)

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Name Born Service number Service Rank Posting at discharge
czech english date place unit from-to english czech
ABRAHAMFFY, Ladislav ABRAHAMFFY, Ladislav 3.5.1925 Košúty (Slovensko) 12507 K, RAAMC 1953-54 Lance Corporal Svobodník Headquarters, 1st British Commonwealth Division
ABRAHAMFFY, Štefan Evžen ABRAHAMFFY, Stefan Eugen 4.8.1933 Košúty (Slovensko) 13923 V, RAE 1966-67 Captain Kapitán Detachment, 55 Advance Engineer Stores Squadron
BARTOŠ, Josef Karel BARTOS, Joseph Charles 12.4.1943 Československo 213604 V, AACC 1966-70 Sergeant Četař Headquarters, 1st Australian Logistic Support Group
BEER, Jan Karel BEER, John Karel 21.7.1948 Cheb 2792504 V, RRAA 1970-71 Lance-Bombardier Svobodník 4th Field Regiment
BENEŠ, Alois BENES, Alois 28.11.1927 Vlčice 61312 V, AACC 1968-70 Sergeant Četař 161 (Independent) Reconnaissance Flight
BOGDAN, Jiří BOGDAN, George 31.3.1948 Československo 3794955 V, RCAEME 1970-70 Craftsman Vojín 106 Field Workshop
DUBSKÝ, Rudolf Karel DUBSKY, Rudolf Charles 27.3.1943 Metly (okr. Strakonice) 42528 V, RAAMC 1969-70 Sergeant Četař 1 Australian Reinforcement Unit
HANEK, Jaroslav HANEK, Jaroslav 27.4.1945 Československo 6708410 V, RAIC 1967-67 Private Vojín 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
KAINEDER, Petr Alois František KAINEDER, Peter Alois Franz 3.4.1945 Československo 2785962 V, RAIC 1968-68 Lance Corporal Svobodník 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
KAMENÍČEK, Jan KAMENEK, John 13.3.1932 Praha 53206 V, RAAMC 1966-67 Lieutenant Nadporučík Headquarters, 1st Australian Task Force
KOUDELKA, Bohumír (Bohumil) Karel Gustav KOUDELKA, Geoffrey Gustav 21.10.1922 Brtnice (u Jihlavy) A314194 V, RAAF 1966-67 Sergeant Četař No. 9 Squadron
LAPÁČEK, Jindřich (André) LAPACEK, Jindrich 1.3.1931 Československo x K, 19xx-xx x x
LEITL, Štěpán Martin LEITL, Steven Martin 26.1.1943 Československo O2571 V, RAN 1970-70 x x 1st Australian Field Hospital
LIPINSKÝ, Stanislav LIPINSKI, Stanley 2.2.1946 Varnsdorf 17896 V, RAIC 1966-67 Trooper Vojín 3rd Special Air Service Squadron
MITREVIČ, Petr MITREVICS, Vilnis Peter 25.6.1945 Československo 3786793 V, RAIC 1966-67 Private Vojín 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
MORAVEC, Petr František MORAVEC, Peter Francis 6.9.1941 Praha 212570 V, AACC 1965-66 Corporal Desátník 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
NEVILLE, Jiří Josef NEVILLE, George Joseph 6.12.1930 Praha R51505 V, RAN 1965-66 Able Seaman Weapon Mechanic Svobodník (Námořník 1.třídy) HMAS Vendetta
PETRŮ, Jiří (Ing.) PETRU TRUSCOTT,George 20.11.1922 Praha 300733 K, RAAF 1951-xx Sergeant Četař
PUCK, Petr Günther PUCK, Peter Guenther 12.7.1939 České Budějovice A110200 V, RAAF 1970-71 Sergeant Četař Headquarters, Australian Force Vietnam (RAAF Element)
RUMEL, Dušan Jozef RUMEL, Dusan Jozef 28.11.1943 Bratislava R58596 V, RAN 1967-68 Leading Stores Assistant Naval Desátník HMAS Yarra
ŠTEFAN, Vlastislav Miroslav STEFFAN, Vlastislav Miroslav 20.6.1923 Trenčín 13943 K, RAIC 1952-53 Private Vojín 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
STENGELIS, Zigmars Julius STENGELIS, Zigmars Julius 17.6.1945 Československo 214886 V, RAAPC 1966-72 Sergeant Četař Australian Force Vietnam Provost Unit
STRAKA, Jan STRAKA, Johann 9.4.1943 Československo 4410420 V, RAAMC 1966-67 Corporal Desátník 32 Small Ship Squadron (AV 1355 Vernon Sturdee)
ŠULC, Jiří Antonín SULC, Jiri Antonin 29.5.1941 Praha 58688 V, RACS 1969-70 Captain Kapitán Headquarters, Australian Force Vietnam (Army Component)
TUNKL, Vratislav Josef TUNKL, Viatislav Joseph 29.6.1923 Františkovy Lázně 41539 K, RAIC 1954-56 Private Vojín 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
VOŘÍŠEK, Jiří VORISEK, George 20.12.1943 Mariánské Lázně R42643 V, RAN 1968-72 Naval Shipwright 1st Class ? HMAS Sydney
ZÁBOJ, Jan ZABOJ, John 18.10.1948 Československo 4721949 V, RRAA 1971-71 Gunner Vojín 12th Field Regiment