About the author

PhDr. Pavel Kreisinger

PhDr. Pavel Kreisinger (born 1987)

I studied history at the Department of History at Faculty of Arts of the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, and was awarded a bachelor’s (Bc.) and subsequently a master's degree (Mgr.)

My master’s thesis, successfully defended in June 2011, also received the Edvard Beneš prize (II. grade). The thesis was subsequently published as a monograph.

I have been a professional historian since 2011. A list of my publications is included below.

Since 2014 I am a member of the non-profit and non-governmental organisation Conditio humana.

Generally, I am interested primarily in the history of Czechoslovakia in the 20th century.

I focus on the lives of men and women in the context of war events (of the Great War and the Second World War) and totalitarian regimes (nacism and communism), as well as in relation to exile, drawing from my own research in various archives. The results of my work are published mostly in the form of biographical essays and monographs.

I continue with my doctoral studies at the Department of history at the Faculty of Arts of the Palacký University in Olomouc. I also work there as an associate lecturer (teaching modern Czech history).

As the topic of my dissertation thesis I have chosen the Czechoslovak-Australian relations during WWII. To help me with my research, I have set up this website.